The International Foreign Students Union

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The International Foreign Students Union Brief Story

Upon decision of foundation of the General Union, the Founders faced the problem of the enormous number of gaps in the structure of the professional trade unions.

As always expected, the founders decided to concentrate their activities to the closest achievable unions. Since the majority of the founders are either professors or yet researchers and they all carry out teaching activities, it was natural to start their founding activities by the International Professors Union and the International Researchers Union.

Three very close Unions were also, considered and decided to be founded in the next phase, the first is the International Students Union related to University Students, the second is the International Foreign Students (and Pupils) Union, and the third is the International Union of Pupils related to Schools Pupils and Students.

It should be understood that the expression “Foreign” does not only mean the non-national Students or Pupils, but also extended to national Students or Pupils who are studying or willing to study abroad out of their home or birth countries.

A very good start already existed in few countries around the world in form of Students or Pupils Syndicate or Association.

There were some trials to build up an international organization coordinating between those National Students or Pupils Syndicates or Associations, but unfortunately were not completed or universalized.

On the other hand, some very optimistic responses were received from many Foreign Students or Pupils and their families and educators, especially those who are living in Europe, the USA and Canada, so the Founders decided to add those International Students and Pupils Unions to the two above mentioned International Unions and found them simultaneously.

Any interested individuals, groups or already established unions or associations who are interested in representing their countries are more than welcomed, but for organization of our works they are recommended to start their direct contact with the Founder who is related to their area, simply to facilitate communications and to reduce overlap errors and repeated actions.

It is important to state that the targets and services for the International Foreign Students Union were initially adopted, yet they are still subjected to additions or modifications.


The Founders:

Sally Christine This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , USA


Sologon Notten , , Netherlands, West Europe


Sunwoong Choi , , Korea, Asia

Arafa Radwan , , Arab, Africa, Asia, East Europe

Karen Espinosa , , Brazil, Latin America

Samy Jimson , , UK, West Europe, Australia

Chisako Hanabusa , , Japan, Asia

Adam Liebeherr , , Canada

The General Union:
The Medical Professions Unions:

The Educational Professions Unions: The International Foreign Students Union: